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Is this really a good time to be looking at CoWorking Space?

Is this REALLY A GOOD TIME TO BE LOOKING AT CO-WORKING SPACES? Questions like these come our way, often, in times like these. With times being tough for businesses to be thriving, staying at home is being pushed hard, and rightly so. And here we are, asking you to stop working from home, and to […]

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Premium Coworking Office Space Ahmedabad

Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?

The best answer to – “Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?” This is a frequently asked question in many an interview. And the answer is mostly given with respect to the position or designation one desires to achieve in this said period of time. When a start-up entrepreneur with over 10 […]

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TOP 5 ‘First thing’s people wish to do after getting co-vaccinated.

While taking off the mask will most definitely be the first thing everyone will do after getting themselves co-vaccinated, here is a list of all the desires people wish to fulfil, after getting their shot. 1. Take a vacation ‘I need a break’ has never been chanted so many times, by so many people, together! […]

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Has ‘Digital India’ truly become a way of life?

Even before this article begins, most are aware how both the sides of this one coin called ‘Digital’ have merits & demerits at the same time. But with our nations’ Prime Minister emphasizing upon the ups of our country having gone more digital than ever during the year of 2020, we thought of taking a […]

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2021 may not be what you expect, and This is Why!

If we start this article by citing how sad & bad the year of 2020 has been, then 80% of you will close the window even before this sentence ends. However, if we tell you how 2021 is going to be the year of growth in all the following sectors, then you will probably want […]

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The Economic game changer! – Karma Workspaces

It is extremely expensive to build or rent an office space. Add to that the investments that go into furnishings, equipment, pantry-supplies, housekeeping, and administrative staff, and your business would have found itself at your second priority. Yet, the fact of the matter remains that your office is, at the end of the day, the […]

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Furnished Office for Rent in Ahmedabad Karma Workspaces

The Future of Workspaces! – Karma Workspaces

In the early 1980s, employees in the office were expected and restricted to work solely from their cubicles. As the years progressed, open workspaces started gaining recognition. The link between the fluidity of office space & productivity in work became undeniable, with time. And today ‘Managed Workspaces’ have become the need of the hour. Karma […]

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More than a rented desk! – Karma Workspaces

ADVANTAGES OF JOINING KARMA There is a growing pattern of businesses leasing work areas and availing different advantages offered by the workspace. By being a part of this growing pattern, you have entered the era of modernization also known as a co-working space. However, there exists a cloud of doubt about co-working spaces being ‘just […]

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A business oasis! – Karma Workspaces

Do you know what Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Google and Amazon all have in common? They started their journey in the late 90’s from places like garages, basements, attics or even terraces. Do you know what Spotify, Uber, Instagram and Indiegogo have in common? These startups started from a co-working office space. Thus, there was a […]

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One Notification Away! – Karma Application

“I am so confused. I need to register a complaint and I can’t find any contact details. Wait let me find the ‘ABOUT US’ option. Still not there! Ugh. I think I will search on google for their information. Wow, still no luck. Let’s go back to their website. Oh god, I finally found it […]

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