While taking off the mask will most definitely be the first thing everyone will do after getting themselves co-vaccinated, here is a list of all the desires people wish to fulfil, after getting their shot.

1. Take a vacation
‘I need a break’ has never been chanted so many times, by so many people, together!
While the four walls of home have been a source of comfort to one & all, giving us the much needed barrier from interacting with the virus, polls show that a majority of people desperately seek a change in their surrounding. They need time away from their home.
So far, there had been caution & fear dominating the hearts of all those seeking travel.
But after getting vaccinated, the world be an oyster for everyone to explore, once again.
And so, off they will, go!

2. Eat in their favourite restaurant, and in all the other restaurants around it
That ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’ is the best has become debatable in the last year, will the daal-chawal seeming like a boring, repeated set of meals. It could be the cravings talking but a vast majority cannot wait to go out & eat in their favourite restaurants. Yes, online-delivery-portals have come to rescue with Unlock being set into motion, but it is an ambiance of dining that people seek, after getting their shots.

3. Go back to office, and work productively again
Is this where I sleep?
Is this where I eat?
Is this where my kid studies?
Or is this where I work?

That bed, that chair or that couch is now a big question mark to all who have lost their sense of what to feel like when sitting on it.
Reports clearly show how work-from-home has come with a considerable dip in productivity. It is no surprise then, that people dearly wish to go back to their offices, after getting co-vaccinated.

4. Go shopping
Groceries, clothes, household items, food, milk, shoes or school supplies – Everyone has shopped for something or the other, online, in the past year.
Having said that, the experience of going out to the store, browsing through a variety of options, the exhilaration of rejecting 10 items to finally land upon the one and then purchasing it to take it home with a smile, is unbeatable.
This is exactly what makes the wish to go out & shop a major desire that people wish to fulfil this year.

5. Celebrate!
Meeting with friends.
Going out with colleagues.
Partying in style.
Celebrating your kid’s birthday or hosting your engagement party.
Life is made up of the memories that stem from such little joys.
But with the last year begging on the wary note of ‘social distancing’ and the going on to a cap on the number of people allowed at one place at a time, celebrations seemed more like caution-filled-scary-meets.

After their co-vaccination being done, people will be celebrating all that they couldn’t, last year, and all that they can, this year.