Karma offers a variety of options for our clients to choose from, depending upon their need:

  • Dedicated Desk
  • Independent Hut
  • Manager’s Cabin
  • Hot Desk
  • Team Cabin
  • Private Suite
  • Virtual Office

Located in the heart of Ahmedabad, Karma offers a plush, ergonomically designed
office, beside a range of workstations, round the clock access with 3-tier security, a
completely automated administration, master-trained housekeeping, beverages on the
house, an on-ground exclusive cafe, relaxation rooms, mail handling service, unlimited
WiFi and much more.

To up the power of our environment, we frequently organise member-benefit-events to
increase the networking & collaboration opportunities of our members.
Lastly, we collaborate with A-grade brands to bring exclusive offers to Karmans.

So, the benefits at Karma are practically unending!

Karma offers 3-tier security 24 x 7.
First: The Entry level – The main entrance security of the building
Second: The Floor level – The reception at the ground floor
Third: The Cabin level – The permission to enter to only access card holders
The office space is also equipped with CCTV cameras, in addition to 2 security guards.

No, all the utilities are free for the members.
The utilities include: Housekeeping, Security, WIFI, Electricity, Canteen and Lounge.

Yes, all members can park in the building parking lot at a chargeable fee.

We always give preference to our existing members’ team expansion.

You will have to check the availability with the community manager for team expansion
into a bigger workstation and the process will be taken forwards seamlessly from there

The cancellation depends on the commitment term and the notice period made by the
member. If you have completed the notice period without failing any term of the
agreement, , then you will get a refund of the security deposit.

A time period of minimum 1 month booking is required to be part of the Karma

While we are sure this will never be a question faced by our members, we do have
facilities to address all your concerns. A member can lodge a complaint through our app
and it will be addressed within 24 working hours by our team.

Pets are not allowed in the entire building of Shivarth The ACE, wherein Karma
Workspaces is currently housed

Yes, members need to take insurance of all their personal belongings from their end.

Members have to provide us with an advance notice and complete all the necessary
documentation procedures before hosting any event in the premises and seek approval
for the same.

Professional photography and videography is not allowed in the building of Shivarth
The ACE without prior written permission from the concerned person of Karma
Workspaces or Shivarth The ACE.

Yes, company brand labels are available for all cabins. You can have a personalized
cabin signage and branding at the reception as well.

Conference/Meeting room and Credits

If you are a member at Karma, then you can book our conference rooms & meeting
rooms through just one click on our application. Each member gets a certain number of
credit points that can be used to book these rooms. Once those credit points are
exhausted, members can avail additional credit points on a chargeable basis.

If you are not a member yet, then you can still experience the grandeur of our
conference & meeting rooms by reaching us through our office number ( +91
9925137495) or through a request on our website to book.

A member can avail additional credit points through our app or they can directly send a
mail to the helpdesk and the community manager will get in touch with them and add
the requested credit points will be added to your account. Extra credits are chargeable
and will be added on to the next monthly bill.

All the unused credit points get lapsed at the end of every month.


Yes, however meetings are restricted to meeting rooms only.

The number of visitors is based on membership.

No, the visitors must park the vehicle outside the premises.


Yes, all members have access to the WIFI 24 x7. While it is unlimited, please bear in
mind that overuse of the bandwidth will only result in slowing down your business.

The credential details will be provided to you on the joining date.

The WIFI password is provided to the client by Karma, and it cannot be changed.


Small table lamps, stationery holders or organizers are allowed. No member is allowed
to bring bulky fixtures.

No, the furniture cannot be removed.

Yes, just send us a request and we shall do it for you.

COVID-19 Precautions

All the members and guests has to get their temperature check and hand sanitized at
the main entrance.

Our entire space is automated (Sensor based), so that no member or guest needs to
touch the switches.

We require masks at all times when moving about & around the workspace and
common areas.

Yes, you can still hold meetings, although the capacity is capped in each of our
conference rooms. You must provide us with the contact information of all your guests.

Rest assured : All conference rooms are sanitized between uses.

Our staff is sanitizing common touch points 2 times a day– We have a weekly cleaning crew
sanitize all surfaces, too.

Members must notify us immediately if they test positive for COVID. We are tracking daily
attendance and guests, so all contacts will be notified. Our cleaning company is equipped with &
ready to perform a deep clean as may be needed. We also reserve the right to send you home if
you are exhibiting any known COVID symptoms.

Also, there is support ticket function in our application through which you can notify Karma
Team if the member or any co-worker have COVID symptoms.