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HakunaMatata ~ No worries for the rest of your working days.


The ‘Why’ of it.

You just felt like opening your hypothetically closed eyes wide, did you not? That’s because you never felt like your office was some place you could find peace of mind in. Let’s take you through why that is ~

You find yourself working towards tasks unrelated to your targets, for most of your day. That leads to delay in your timeline. That, then, leads to delay in success and that is what the reason behind your eyes-wide-open was a minute ago.

A good office requires you to come in, work on your tasks, achieve your to-do-list-checkpoints and call it a productive day. And a fabulous office will make you want to come in an hour early, breathe in the aroma of freshly grounded coffee, work your day on an internally-connected-system, plug into work & play alongside, crack deals with the confidence of everything other than your job being taken care of and return home with the desire the start the next day soon.


The ‘What’ of it.

What is Karma, you ask?

Karma is short for Karma Workspaces.
It is the newest entrant into the business-center industry.

With selection of desks ranging from a virtual office to a 13-seater team box, Karma is your office’s new address.

From a prestigious location to dreamy interiors, Karma is your office-dream come true.

Through administration hassles and maintenance issues, Karma is the backbone your business never had.

Some technical, in-depth information for your team-discussion is as below:


The ‘Who’ of it.

So glad you asked!
Karma Workspaces is the brainchild of Amit Bhatia.

Amit loves to explore the world on his platter, as well on his passport.

He is a stickler for quality, processes and luxury.

Putting these three together, within his area of expertise from his real-estate background, Karma Workspaces was born.

He loves to meet with people in person, so make an appointment and learn more!


The ‘Where’ of it.

With the lights of the city buzzing under your feet, you will find your space in Karma 11 stories above the ground, in the heart of Ahmedabad – Sindhu Bhavan Road.

We are coming up with our second space in GIFT, Gandhinagar, soon.

Where you work matters