Questions like these come our way, often, in times like these.

With times being tough for businesses to be thriving, staying at home is being pushed hard, and rightly so.

And here we are, asking you to stop working from home, and to start working from Karma Workspaces. Give us a minute to tell you what #WorkFromKarma means; Correction : What #WorkSafelyFromKarma means.

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen our take on #RahulDravid #IndiraNagarKaGunda video yet, then please stop reading and watch the video in less than a minute, right here : Even if you had seen it, watching it again always brings a smile to one’s face, so no harm done! Now let us understand your typical day in this ‘new normal’.
Did you feel like getting out of bed, today? Did you feel motivated to open your laptop in the same place that you slept in?
Did you feel a little off your usual mood, over something really trivial? Did you catch yourself wondering if & when the world will go back to the ‘old normal’?

What we are trying to bring to your notice is this – It is true companies are in favor of ‘WFH’. But, it is also true that this only a few industries we are talking about.

Studies have truly shown how working, eating, sleeping & living in the same environment has led to changes in behaviors.
We are all on the edge with regards to how tomorrow will shape up to be.

Here is our Karmatic take on it.

8 hours of ‘wfh’ will give you less productivity than half of that from a professional environment.
Let us not go into how much less expensive that will be than setting up an entire room to make an office within your home, now, shall we? Yes, those numbers are scarily costly!

Where will you host your clients?
Where will you have team-meetings?
Where will you chat with your colleagues?
Where will you find yourself professionally happy?

This is where #WorkFromKarma comes.

But we have not forgotten the need to stay safe, as well.

Which is why we are happy to share this –

We are working in full compliance with the government’s working norms.
All incoming members as well as our staff are required to wear a mask.
There is temperature check at two-points : the building and the workspace.
Our space is sanitized every other hour.
The seating is kept 6 feet apart.
We are working at 50% occupancy.
And we are open to employee shuffling within the company so as to facilitate your staff coming in on alternate days, keeping the safety measures in place, while saving your cost.

Lastly, we have the amazing option of having a virtual office with us as well.

Need we say more? #WorkSafelyFromKarma – for as long as there is safety, there is progress.

We are open to your queries during office hours.
Please reach us on +91 9925137495 or drop a mail at