In the early 1980s, employees in the office were expected and restricted to work solely from their cubicles. As the years progressed, open workspaces started gaining recognition.

The link between the fluidity of office space & productivity in work became undeniable, with time.

And today ‘Managed Workspaces’ have become the need of the hour.

Karma Workspaces offers a variety of workplaces that make the wheels of the mind work at full-speed when working – open stations, semi-closed offices, relaxation areas, gaming rooms, library, and a cafe of its own!

We understand the qualities and necessities that an employee prefers in their office space and we are accordingly delivering a premium managed workspace.

According to research, workers value aesthetics, flexibility, comfort and a community while getting their job done. Often, when building your own office you may not be able to tick all the above-mentioned due to the high cost associated with them, and also because they are elementary to your business growth. But it is still essential and hence- we have taken steps to provide all the same in the most effective and efficient way.


While our plush ergonomic design office along with furniture guarantees aesthetics and comfort, our fully equipped pantry and relaxation areas hope to fulfill the relaxation of your mind and your body. Additionally, our cafe located a minute away from your work station offers not only freshly brewed coffee but also a number of freshly cooked goodies. We hope to provide you with the break you deserve!


Amongst the 5 layout options available at Karma, you can easily switch as and when needed, as per your business’ & team’s growing needs. We also offer services from our parent company, Shivarth Projects, for bigger office spaces based on leasing. Our work environment is extremely adaptable and caters to all your needs.


Our workspace is accessible only to the members. We plan to organize networking events for the members to know each other better and provide help if required. A research-based fact – Nearly half of the workers (47%) value a community atmosphere at the place where they do their work.

As the workspace and the world continue to grow, change, and evolve, we know what we need to do to align with the growing world. We hope to provide the best technology and resources to create the best environment for you to work from.
Welcome to Karma – we know that, where you work, matters!