Even before this article begins, most are aware how both the sides of this one coin called ‘Digital’ have merits & demerits at the same time.

But with our nations’ Prime Minister emphasizing upon the ups of our country having gone more digital than ever during the year of 2020, we thought of taking a look at the finer details.

Yes, many sectors, many industries, many arenas & many portals have benefitted immensely due to the availability of things digitally, as the world disconnected physically during 2020. Medicines were available to the needy at the click of a button so were the essentials of daal-chawal. Even as conveyance came to a standstill, fingers kept running on the computers to make business & work ends meet.
Socially distant people remained socially connected through the internet, which facilitated sharing of information as well as good vibes very quick & easy.

Now, let’s take a look at the not-so-happy-side of this coin –
Besides the basic necessities, almost every other purchase has an ingrained element of touch & feel attached to it, which seems to have been eliminated due to everything being bought online.
People may be working from home, but the cases of work-related-depression have gone up, as the overlooked factor of a colleague’s company has disappeared from what is an office’s charm.
Social distancing has resulted in more walls & screens around people than actual, tangible faces. And no matter what, these screens just don’t suffice in sharing a heart to heart with another human being.

Nevertheless, this seems to be the year for counting one’s blessings & taking account of the little joys in a limited environment, if nothing else.
But does that mean that this so-called ‘Digital India’ is here to stay?
We have our bets placed on digital payments set to grow. The sale of goods & services is debatable as whether their purchase is out of choice or because of absence of choice, remains yet to be determined. And then there is the big question – Will the digitization grow as when the world opens up for good or will everyone only yearn more of physical gatherings as opposed to digital ones?

Do share your take on this!