If we start this article by citing how sad & bad the year of 2020 has been, then 80% of you will close the window even before this sentence ends.
However, if we tell you how 2021 is going to be the year of growth in all the following sectors, then you will probably want to give all these a read:

1. Tourism
2. Hospitality
3. Coworking
4. Fitness
5. Pharmaceuticals
6. Online

Let us talk about ‘Tourism’, first.
With the whole world tending towards a hopeful revival from Covid19 pandemic, people are going to invest heavily in travel & tourism, after the pandemic is dealt with effectively.

The industry of ‘Hospitality’ was one of the worst-struck ones due to lockdown. But if current statistics remain true, not only will restaurants see a huge influx in dining, but so will the home-delivery-of-food portals (which are already on a profitable wave, since the first phase of unlock).

The ‘Coworking’ industry is believed to be the oyster of relief for all the work-from-home-woes. With the employees wanting to take a break from the annoying rut of working & sleeping in the same place, and with companies still not willing to spend a dime on anything other than business growth, coworking spaces offer the perfect solution as the much-needed hybrid model of working online or offline.

If any industry has seen the most positive response towards itself, during the entire year of 2020, it is ‘Fitness’. Not only have people become more health conscious than ever, but there are also reports that 2021 may be the first year in history to see most fitness-based resolutions come true! This is supported by the fact that online fitness classes saw a boom this year, and health is going to remain a major focus for as long as Cobid19 remains in mind.

‘Pharmaceuticals’ is the one industry that is on the growth-chart, despite the inclination of everyone being that of remaining as healthy as possible so as to prevent usage of any medication. But for better or worse, mankind needs this industry to stay strong, as their backup plan lest 2021 remains unable to tackle the ongoing pandemic (fingers crossed!)

Lastly, ‘Online’ is a rather broad term for an industry, but it stands a strong contender on the road upwards, in a lot of arenas where it is dominant as of today – online education, online meetings, online shopping and even online dating. All of these and more are only expected to stay if not grow, in the coming year.

Is there any industry that we missed?
Which one apart from these do you see growing big in 2021?