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More than a rented desk! – Karma Workspaces

ADVANTAGES OF JOINING KARMA There is a growing pattern of businesses leasing work areas and availing different advantages offered by the workspace. By being a part of this growing pattern, you have entered the era of modernization also known as a co-working space. However, there exists a cloud of doubt about co-working spaces being ‘just […]

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Best Managed Office Space in Ahmedabad Karma Workspaces

A business oasis! – Karma Workspaces

Do you know what Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Google and Amazon all have in common? They started their journey in the late 90’s from places like garages, basements, attics or even terraces. Do you know what Spotify, Uber, Instagram and Indiegogo have in common? These startups started from a co-working office space. Thus, there was a […]

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Shared Office Space in Ahmedabad Karma Workspaces

One Notification Away! – Karma Application

“I am so confused. I need to register a complaint and I can’t find any contact details. Wait let me find the ‘ABOUT US’ option. Still not there! Ugh. I think I will search on google for their information. Wow, still no luck. Let’s go back to their website. Oh god, I finally found it […]

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Furnished Office on Rent in Ahmedabad Karma Workspaces

COVID safety! – Karma Workspaces

As restrictions on movement and office take hold over the country, there are certain questions that pop up especially for a co-working workplace: Is it safe to go to the workplace? Will there be safety measures? Are there any precautions they are taking to ensure the safety of our firm’s employees? Karma Workspaces has implemented […]

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Coworking Space in Ahmedabad Karma Workspaces

Hakuna Matata! – Karma Workspaces

Hakuna Matata! It means ‘No Worries’. And that is what a business’ state of mind is at Karma Workspaces. You smile as you read this, with your mind wondering at the same time how easy your work-life would become if you were to dance at work with this motto. The welcoming news is that this […]

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