It is extremely expensive to build or rent an office space.
Add to that the investments that go into furnishings, equipment, pantry-supplies, housekeeping, and administrative staff, and your business would have found itself at your second priority.

Yet, the fact of the matter remains that your office is, at the end of the day, the first representation of your business, to your clients!
But, up to 35% of your investment, which could have gone into the growth of the business, is made in furniture!

The question now remains – Why go through such a hassle in the era of rise & rise of business spaces?

Welcome to Karma Workspaces.
We help you grow your business without having to worry about your office’s administrative or upkeep needs.

Often, you hear the phrase ‘Time is money’.
But how often do you experience it?

If you own or manage a business/office space, then you would understand this phrase very well. Owning an office space means handling electricity bills, water bills, cleanliness, sanitization and so much more! Think about it – Wouldn’t you want to concentrate on growing your business rather than handling, maintaining & administrating the office you made for your business to grow?

An average business with 12 or more employees saves up to Rs. 204120 on operational cost per month by choosing to work at a co-working or managed business space.
That is just the tip of the benefits-iceberg you procure by working out of Karma Workspaces.
We take care of housekeeping, high-speed wifi, general utilities, security, and maintenance to ensure your focus is only on your business. You pay for only one thing- your office space- and get everything included. By being a member, you also have access to our meeting & conference rooms, common lounges, cafeteria, and unlimited beverages.

What’s more is – Karma facilitates a substantial reduction in your capital expenditure on designing or inhabiting an office space, thus elevating your business’s bottom line.
You do not save money just on operational costs. You also save on time and effort required for acquiring an office, hiring an architect, and fitting the new premise together.

With a plush, ergonomically designed office arena, located in the heart of Ahmedabad, with a sky-level view of the world below your feet, aimed at your comfort and increased productivity, we know exactly how “Where you work, matters”!

As a wise man once said, time is money and money is time.
Choose your investments wisely, and you will have saved both!
Choose Karma today!