“I am so confused. I need to register a complaint and I can’t find any contact details. Wait let me find the ‘ABOUT US’ option. Still not there! Ugh. I think I will search on google for their information. Wow, still no luck. Let’s go back to their website. Oh god, I finally found it hidden away. My first complaint is that it is so hard to file a complaint at your site”

Often, one has found themselves spending a considerable amount of time searching for helpline numbers, customer service, or the ‘about us’ option to lodge a complaint.
At Karma Workspaces, a managed workspace, where everything is just a notification away. We have ensured maximum efficiency along with minimized human contact by developing our application (app).

The app allows you to reach our team directly with a guaranteed reply within 24 business hours. To increase proficiency, the replies would be available on both your email as well as on the app. An action on the complaint will be taken immediately to ensure that you have all the resources available at all times – That is how much we value our clients’ feedback and are dearly committed to help their business grow with the best of the resources.

But, that is not all.
The app offers many more services focused on easing the efforts of our clients.

Through our app, you can book meeting rooms and conference rooms with just a click. Each member and the team is given pre-allotted points to spend on these services. These points can be restored as and when needed, by approaching our staff with just another click on the app.

Additionally, unlike some co-working spaces, our printer is equipped with automation, too. Through our research, we have found that various co-working places ask the receptionist to print the papers and leave them in a particular room to be picked from. But at Karma, by simply putting your ID-password on your computer while printing, you will get linked to the printing machine. Through our way of printing, you are able to maintain the confidentiality of the document, with minimal effort required.

To maintain a high level of professionalism, we facilitate ease not just for our clients but for their visitors as well -if registered beforehand on our app, the visitor skips waiting in the lobby and is taken in, immediately. By simply adding their details to the visitor link, your future client meets you with an impressive state of mind. This also helps you to keep track of your visitors and serves as a non-human contact way of managing the visitors.
By just showing their e-badge to our staff, the visitors have access to the elevator to the floor where they may be received.

We know, how, in this fast-paced business world, time is the key to success. Which is why we value your time by having everything one notification away!