Hakuna Matata!
It means ‘No Worries’.

And that is what a business’ state of mind is at Karma Workspaces.

You smile as you read this, with your mind wondering at the same time how easy your work-life would become if you were to dance at work with this motto.

The welcoming news is that this thought may very well come true.

While many surveys have been done covering employees’ productivity levels at workplace, one parameter has come up prominently in every survey.

Employees lose a lot of time in extraneous work, which isn’t directly related to their job description. They lose anywhere between 10 to 30% of their day doing these non-work-specific tasks, along with losing productivity of the same value. They lose a lot of business for the company and a lot of incentive for their own self, in the process.

Simply put, employees hate doing administrative tasks.

What would you rather have your business manager do – Grow sales or roam about looking for the perfect office size?

What would you rather have your HR head do – Hire talent or scout the market for office furniture?

What would you rather have your mid-managerial-candidate do – Look for a new job after 6 months with you or love your office to the extent of putting in overtime?

What would you rather have your client do – Seal the deal with your firm or become late to your meeting while trying to search for a parking space?

These are elements that may not figure in a big manner in a company’s agenda, but these are the same elements that affect a company’s business sheet in a big way.

There is a reason why business centres like coworking spaces bring out the best in your workforce – Work doesn’t seem work here.
With a lot of networking opportunities, alongside focus on one’s key work strengths, work seems like something one does with ease, almost like it were play.
And who doesn’t love play?
There are now worries in play, are there?
With that, welcome to the #HakunaMatataLife at Karma Workspaces.