There is a growing pattern of businesses leasing work areas and availing different advantages offered by the workspace. By being a part of this growing pattern, you have entered the era of modernization also known as a co-working space. However, there exists a cloud of doubt about co-working spaces being ‘just a rented desk.’

But that is not true.
There are over 850 coworking spaces in India, alone, and more are being constructed! This indicates a growing demand for workspaces and an understanding of the benefits that come along with using them.

While there are countless benefits of working at a coworking place, we have listed 5 of the non-economical benefits, available at the poshest business center in town – Karma Workspaces:

The environment of our Workspace is adaptable with ease in flexibility to your work. We offer 24×7 access to your workspace with free security. If your business grows, you can scale up the office by switching your plan or booking more areas. It is that simple!
At Karma, you have 5 layout areas from which you can choose and switch when needed. By being a member, you also get access to conference rooms, a gaming area for relaxation, common lounges, and a fully equipped library. We are the one-stop for all your business needs.

Aside from the monetary and basic advantages of working in a collaborative space, there is also a social one. With various organizations working under the same roof, your networking opportunities multiply tremendously.
Our members are likely to receive offers from our local partners in the field of restaurant, hotels, car dealerships, and many more!

By working with others and presenting yourself with different points of view, co-working spaces assist with a burst of creativity. With the provision of changing spaces, it allows one to refresh their minds and think of different perspectives to solve a problem.
Our outdoor terrace area, surrounded with lush greenery, makes for a perfect spot for you to relax and refresh your mind.
Additionally, we have also taken steps to ensure there is natural sunlight throughout our layout, even in our parking lot! The research of working spaces has demonstrated a substantial 15% increase in creativity if surrounded by natural elements like sunlight and greenery.

Work from home often leads to a sense of isolation. By being a part of a workspace, you have a sense of belonging within the community as you work alongside other members. While you have your own personal space, if required, you choose how and when you would like to interact with the other members.
Karma also has an outdoor cafeteria accessible to all members. Surround yourself with like-minded people and share a conversation while having a meal.
Your business will have increased before you know it, with you have found a second home in the meanwhile!

Aside from having a luxurious workspace, our members also get a mailing address and all the mails are handled by Karma. We also provide personal company branding for cabins and a professional reception at the entrance to leave the best first impression.
We, at Karma, have solutions for all your business problems. From meeting other business professionals to collaborating with individual members, our space helps people to get together and grow. Joining us means pursuing an opportunity of business professionalism.