As restrictions on movement and office take hold over the country, there are certain questions that pop up especially for a co-working workplace:

Is it safe to go to the workplace?

Will there be safety measures?

Are there any precautions they are taking to ensure the safety of our firm’s employees?

Karma Workspaces has implemented the solutions to all questions, even before they are asked.

Our entire workspace has been fitted with automated access to minimize contact.

Our elevators and doors are access-card based, which eliminates any worry around sanitizing one’s hands every time we press the button or turn open a door-knob. Similarly, by a mere swipe of your card the door will open, as well. This happens as the cards already have the floor number for you installed in it also helping in maintaining security. The floors are accessible only through the card provided by us to each member. In the fast-paced world, given the circumstances, we take care of your well-being, along with your business needs.

Our premises are equipped with sensor-based lighting. You can walk into an area and lights will go on without you having to worry about where the switches are or if they have been cleaned. Additionally, our washrooms too have been fitted with sensor-based technology. This not only helps to keep our members safe in areas of common utilities but also allows us to be sustainable with the environment and conservative of the resources.

To further reduce contact, the complaints, if any, are sent directly through our app, and a resolving action is taken within 24 hours. The app also serves as a means for the members to book conference rooms which again is access controlled.

While we know where you work matters, we also know that your health matters just as much, if not more Keeping this in mind, sanitization and cleaning of the office space will be done on an hourly basis. Before entering, the body temperature of every person will be checked to ensure maximum security.

So, to answer those grey questions “Is it safe to go work at a co-working place?”

At Karma, the answer is YES!